October 31, 2011

Bright Young Things

In September I was asked to be part of an exciting project for 36Boutique's (now known as Style36) online fashion magazine. The shoot called Bright Young Things features young designers Barbara Lotter of Babette, Oriel Barnard of Lisp and Vicky Fenner of Joya jewellery. I loved working with this all-girl team as the Behind-the-Scenes photographer.

Everyone involved in the shoot was also featured as a Bright Young Thing and 36Boutiques did a mini Q&A with each of us. Mine is here.


Fashion Editor - Kate Chauncey
Photographer - Danielle Clough
Stylist - Chloe Andrea
Make-up Artist - Toni Greenberg
Behind-the-scenes photographer - Me!

36 also squeezed in a turban tutorial shoot with fashion blogger Aisha Baker of Baked the Blog on the same day so she features in a few of the pics.

Here are my fave "making of"s, the rest you can see here and the final shoot you can see here.

Danielle (Dee) - Photographer

Chloe - Stylist

 Toni - MUA 

Kate (The Pessimiss) - Fashion Editor

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