August 29, 2011

Featured on Handsome Things!

Hanneke from Handsome Things asked if she could do a feature on some of my photos from previous shoots that didn't make the final edit for some 
or other reason. These are some extras from In the Hall with the Candlestick and this is what Hanneke had to say:

What happens to the photos that aren’t chosen to be featured in a fashion spread? Well they are left to “gather pixel dust” (as Lauren Fowler would say) in a desktop folder somewhere. We’ve decided to get out our virtual feather duster and dust off these beautiful pics that weren’t selected for Alix-Rose Cowie’s beautiful fashion shoot In the hall with the candle stick.
While I’m dusting, Alix-Rose tells us a bit more about herself, her photography, her inspirations and aspirations.

You can read the rest of the post HERE.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful my talented friend! So proud to know you.


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