January 26, 2011

The Madness of Madeline

This shoot took place on an extremely windy Saturday in the Company Gardens. We battled against Cape Town's notorious South-Easter trying to hold onto full-length dresses, hats, hair and reflector boards. 
In some cases the wind was on our side producing some interesting shots. The model, Ané Strydom, was a real trouper!

The stylist on the shoot was Kate Desmarais. Together we worked on a concept around the beautiful vintage items belonging to The Rah-Rah Room. 
The idea is the story of an eccentric girl with too much money and too much time. She spends her days in the garden of her mansion dressed in beautiful and sometimes extravagant clothing.

The Rah-Rah Room is a collection of hand-selected pieces by Kate Chauncey of The Pessimiss. (We were most excited to be in the presence of a vintage Diane von Furstenburg mini skirt!) 
The opening sale takes place this Saturday in Cape Town. Follow the link for details.


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